Worms Doing Their Part

There is a current project going on in Washington state that involves worms and prisoners.  The Washington State Department of Corrections is using worms to help reduce their food waste and costs.  The prison has 5 million worms and they use these worms to eat the food scraps.  The nutrient rich soil created by the worms is then used for the prison farming crops, or is sold to needy farmers.  A system that relies on nature’s abilities is a system that can easily cut costs and allow for a sustainable system.  The prison was spending $60,000 a year on food waste disposal, so they are saving a lot of money by simply turning this food waste problem into a solution.  Rich soil is becoming increasingly difficult to create with all the chemicals and unsustainable farming methods that some farms use, but having a worm farm that continually creates soil allows for farms to obtain nutrient rich soil.  Worm farms would be a great addition to any university that feeds thousands of students everyday and has large amounts of food waste.  A vermiculture program, like the prisons, can easily cut down on this waste and allow the schools to have soil for farming, which would in turn be used to feed the students.