Where do you get your food information from?

Hi! I am Xiaoyun. I just graduated from Davidson College in the May. While at Davidson, I am an economics major.  I come from Shenzhen–a city situated immediately north of Hong Kong.


For me, food always holds a special value. Some of my favorite childhood memories about food include making dumplings with my whole family on the eve of the lunar new year, the bliss of licking pork-rib soup off the spoon right after my mom spent hours cooking it, and seeing the devotion of my grandparents as they prepared a feast for the ancestor worship ceremony. I think food serves as the foundation of China’s social, family, and spiritual traditions.

However, as much emphasis as the Chinese put on food, scandals around food in recent years have completely shattered Chinese consumers’ confidence in the safety of food they eat everyday. From tainted baby formula to fake eggs, China has seen its share of food-safety problems.Public trust in food industry is at rock bottom, and even the most ridiculous kind of rumor (e.g. pigs in the river) usually ended with great public speculation. I am interested in finding out in a country so frequently racked by food safety scandals, how people get their food information from, whom and what sources do they choose to trust , and how they navigate through terrain of information regarding food safety. I want to do this through the social network analysis. Besides doing my own project, I will also learn work with the team and learn how to make videos. Moreover, there is also so much to learn from my research teammates, since their ideas about might offer me a different perspectives on things I thought I was very familiar with.

IMG_0662 A Barbecue street vendors at a night market near Fudan University