The Scarecrow

Several nights ago while I was studying in my room, I recalled a particular ad that I had seen only several months ago.  This memory was sparked by the discuss we had in class that day regarding the reality of factory farming, and how it affects us.  This was Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” advertisement.  At first glance this is a very powerful ad that definitely captures the attention of the audience and leaves them wanting a burrito, but is Scarecrow 2Chipotle’s food really what they claim it to be?

After a quick Google search, I found an article which sheds some light on the actual situation.  As it turns out, not everything which Chipotle sells is 100% natural, organic, etc.  Considering the size of the company this doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me, but I am still very impressed with where the company stands in terms of sustainable food.  While they are not perfect, Chipotle is really quite progressive with their selection of food sources.  They do not give any of the animals antibiotics (unless they are sick), and Chipotle scarecrowif they do, these animals are sold as conventional meat instead.  In some rare cases during shortages Chipotle will sell the meat of the animals which were given antibiotics, but this is only during shortages.  While the animals raised do not meet the USDA’s requirements for organic food, several of the produce items Chipotle sells do, and the animals are certainly raised in much better conditions than at a factory farm.  Overall I am very impressed with where Chipotle stands.  While their food is not perfect, it is definitely better than most large chains, and they continue to strive to improve quality of their sources.