Meet the Crew

Theresa Allen

Theresa Allen, the Farm Manager, is the brains and womanpower behind the Farm. When the Farm was first created, courtesy of the Duke Endowment, she ran the farm as a one-woman show, which involved everything from plowing, planting, cultivating, weeding, harvesting, packaging, crop planning, budget management, and everything else imaginable to run the a farm. Every year, the Farm’s production has expanded and more students are getting involved with the Farm under Theresa’s supervision. She works tirelessly every day because of her dedication to providing local, clean, and healthy food for Davidson.


Behind Theresa Allen is a crew of hard-working students and graduates. For the past several years, in addition to students, interns have been hired to help manage the Farm.

Brad Goldsmith
Current Intern
Class of 2015
Matt Brantley
(Previous Intern)
Class of 2016
Jesse Alston
(Previous Intern)
Class of 2014

Work Study

These students work on the Farm as their work-study for Davidson. Each student works between 4-10 hours per week.

Ethan Whitener 2016
Jonathan Lee 2018
Margot Stockdale 2019
Peter Haugen 2018
Emily Taylor 2016
Caitlin Reilly 2017
Genevieve Rowe 2017
Troy Sanders 2017
Bryce Simmons 2019 with Fuji Lozada


These regular volunteers lend an extra helping hand during their free time.

Laura George
Frances Adams
Anna Buser
Olivia Strader
Marisa Wilson
Alice Douglas

Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities?

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Barger Farms, Davidson, NC

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Phone: 208-845-2931
Coffee Farmer, Captain Cook, Hawaii

West End, NC

Phone: 910-673-4391
Apprentice at Ono Organic Farms, Hana, Hawaii

Tipton, Iowa

Phone: 563-886-2037
Goldman Farms, Waterproof, Louisiana

Morning Chorus Farm, Rural Retreat, VA & Black Mountain, NC