Teaching Sustainable Farming to Severe Weather Areas

A recent article by FoxNews, talked about the state of farming in communities that are frequently bombarded by natural disasters and severe weather.  650 million people live in arid regions of Africa where farming depends on rain, however, natural disasters can occur.  According to the article, as much as 80% of economic losses across the African continent are from droughts and floods.  If people know how to use farming methods that could deal with these weather outcomes, then they are more likely to have sustainable farms throughout the years.  This article talks about the multiple organizations that try to teach varying, sustainable farming methods to be used.  If a community is able to master the use of even a few of these techniques then they may be able to better withstand severe weather, such as droughts or heavy rain.


The second part of the article talks about how developed countries have farming methods that give them an uneven edge in farming, which is technology.  Developed nations can develop crops that withstand drought, crops that can repel insects, and crops that can yield a larger amount than normal.  However, developed nations, like the US, waste 40% of their food, according to the article.  The article argues that with better food distribution we could waste less food and feed more Americans because “;only if people are food secure and can feed their children will they be in a position to make this happen,'” (as said by Richard Choularton in Fox News, 2014).




“Severe Weather Increases Food Insecurity: Prevention Through Sustainability.” Fox News 24 Apr. 2014: n. pag. Print.