Subway: Eat Fresh?

Most people choose to eat at subway over other fast food chains as a healthy option, but is what we’re eating really good for us? This week food blogger, Vani Hari, exposed subway’s use of a chemical, azodicarbonamide, in the making of their bread. This chemical is also found in yoga mats and shoe rubber. In an attempt to address the situation subway announced that they will be removing this chemical from their bread, but is this really enough? Millions of people have been subject to this harmful toxin that is illegal in other countries! It has been known to cause asthma, skin irritations, and allergies and the FDA says they only allow .0045% by weight of flour to be a part of the dough. Although subway is going to remove this chemical, should the people who have developed problems from this be reimbursed? It has been shown to also cause cancer in rats so could this be a linked to a cause of cancer in humans as well? The FDA needs to do a better job of investigating the use of these dangerous chemicals and prevent people from ever being exposed to them.


CNN Subway News Video