Stuff White People Like

As discussed on the blog Stuff White People Like, farmers markets and organic food are a significant aspect of “white” culture. The blog satirically describes the habits and norms of middle and upper income white individuals of left leaning persuasion. The blog lists a number of reasons which suggest why white people seem to love farmer’s markets, “hite people like Farmers Markets for a number of reasons. The first is their undying need to support local economies (see future post), and the idea of buying direct from the farmer helps them assuage the fears instilled in them from reading Fast Food Nation (and yes, every white person has read this book).”

ob-market-boothWhat this blog suggests, is that the farmer’s markets sell more than a product, but a feeling of health and self-righteousness associated with the food being purchased. The people who sell at these markets understand the consumer, which allows to charge higher prices. Ultimately, these higher prices are what result in a lack of economic and ethnic diversity at these markets. The impact of the prices at the farmer’s markets is no different than neighborhoods which wish to gentrify, and seek to raise taxes in their area and restrict supply of housing through building codes and green space allocation, thus driving out lower income individuals who can’t afford the higher cost of living.