Student Farmers: Troy Sanders

Name: Troy Sanders

Class: 2017

Hometown: Enumclaw, Washington

Major: probably Biology with a minor in Hispanic Studies



Why did you initially express interest in the farm?

I didn’t know that we had a farm when I first filled out my work-study form but I have worked in construction and at a produce stand so they’re kind of similar to my work at the farm if you combine them. I had also expressed interest in biology so that’s why they placed me at the farm, I guess.


What do you love about the farm?

I love being able to work with my hands and have a physical outcome at the end of the day and it’s a product that a lot of people really enjoy and is helpful for the environment. The farm also promotes a positive message in that it asks people to consider where their food comes from and what the implications of that are.


What is one thing you want the Davidson student body to know about our farm?

That they can get involved if they want. There’s a lot of ways to get involved through Friday and Saturday workdays or expressing interest in our products to dining services. Or performing research at the farm – a lot of people have done experiments about soil composition or microorganisms at the farm. I’ve done research on soil composition out there.


What is your favorite crop that we grow at the farm? Why?

Right now I really like the bell peppers because they are some of the best bell peppers I’ve ever had and it’s cool that I don’t have to worry about eating a bunch of pesticides because normally peppers carry a lot of pesticides.


In what ways do you think you’ll carry your experience of working on the farm forward with you after graduation and into other jobs?

I don’t think I’ll be going into a field that’s directly related to farming but I think farming is an essential part of everyone’s life and should be a part of our daily conversation. Even if I don’t go into environmental policy or a farm-related field, it has still been a great experience because I’ll be able to grow my own food better and I’ll think about my food in a new way. It teaches a good work ethic and the importance of working with your hands as well as working with your mind.