Student Farmers: Peter Haugen

Name: Peter Haugen

Class: 2018

Hometown: Mill Creek, Washington

Major: potentially Art and Pre-med


Why did you initially express interest in the farm?

I was worried that I would never go outside so I wanted a work-study that forced me to spend time not studying. I’ve also always wanted to work on a farm because I wanted to learn how to grow plants because in the past the plants I have grown have all died.


What do you love about the farm?

The best part about the farm is harvesting because it’s a physical manifestation of my work. I find that on campus no matter where you are, it’s hard to avoid thinking about classes but the farm is different. For me, going to the farm is a retreat from Davidson culture.


What is one thing you want the Davidson student body to know about our farm?

Most people try to get easy work-study jobs indoors where they don’t have to do anything so I try to make people jealous of my job. At the farm, we don’t just sit there. Also, we have a great community, we get to see physical “fruits” of our labor, and we have a dog! Everyone should want to work on the farm!


What is your favorite crop that we grow at the farm? Why?

I haven’t gotten to experience that many crops yet but so far my favorite would be the sweet potatoes or the watermelon because it was really fun to harvest them.


In what ways do you think you’ll carry your experience of working on the farm forward with you after graduation and into other jobs?

I’d definitely like to grow plants for myself in the future. I’ve also noticed that before I this semester I walked wherever I wanted, but now that I work on the farm and we can’t step on the rows I find that I’m much more aware of where I put my feet. That’s a weird answer but it’s true.