Student Farmers: Jonathan Lee

Name: Jonathan Lee

Class: 2018

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major: maybe Environmental Studies


Why did you initially express interest in the farm?

I had done some farming work a few summers ago and I wanted to do physical work in order to supplement my work study hours at the Sustainability Office. I heard that Caitlin had split her time between the farm and the office as well so I asked Jeff and contacted Theresa and it all worked out.


What do you love about the farm?

I love that it’s a place where I can go and do some good work but it’s also not too far from campus. It’s a place to escape where I can go and do something physical. I always look forward to work the night before and I enjoy my time when I’m out there. The farm is an escape from Davidson.


What is one thing you want the Davidson student body to know about our farm?

There are some people that don’t know that there is a farm so that would be the most important thing. But also that anyone can work there. Theresa is always excited to have people come help her out.


What is your favorite crop that we grow at the farm? Why?

Kale is my favorite because it’s so unique and kale-like. Also it tastes good.


In what ways do you think you’ll carry your experience of working on the farm forward with you after graduation and into other jobs?

A can-do attitude. I’ve learned to always be willing to do the work no matter how hard it is or how long it will take. I now know how fulfilling it is to look back at your work and see what you’ve accomplished. This way is so much better than complaining while you do your work and then not getting it done anyway. It’s so satisfying to weed an entire bed and then it’s all clean at the end.