Student Farmers: Ethan Whitener


Name: Ethan Whitener
Class: 2016
Hometown: Lawrence, NJ
Major: History

Why did you initially express interest in the farm?
I worked on the grounds crew originally but I was interested in fresh food so I talked to Theresa and asked her if there was work to be done and she said yes. The rest is history.

What do you love about the farm?
It feels like it’s outside of Davidson and I love getting my hands in the dirt.

What is one thing you want the Davidson student body to know about our farm?
Theresa works incredibly hard.

What is your favorite crop that we grow at the farm? Why?
The cherry tomatoes because they’re delicious and you can eat some of them while you’re harvesting.

In what ways do you think you’ll carry your experience of working on the farm forward with you after graduation and into other jobs?
I think I’ll always grow at least some of my own food and I’ll always appreciate the work that goes into my food. I definitely have a better understanding of the woman-hours that go into what I eat now.