Starting up soon!

2014-06-15-groupWe’re almost all together here at Fudan University. John-Michael came first, followed by Antonia and Tom, with Jeff, Lucy, and Liz coming together on Sunday. Xiaoyun will be here in a couple of days, and the team will all be complete.

We’re using the first couple of days to get over jet-lag through a walking orientation of the Fudan campus, surrounding neighborhood, and greater Shanghai. Our food work began as consumers – for most of the gang, that meant being introduced to the magical world of Chinese street food: 包子(baozi),煎饼(jianbing), and 肉夹馍(roujiamou). Since this is their first visit to China and real Chinese food, this will help them survive on their own!

2014-China_014-groupAfter touring the campus, we visiting the Bund, walked through the shopping district on East Nanjing Road, and then crossed over to the Pudong side of Shanghai. Since we will be using ethnographic film to document sustainable food experiments, we were lucky to have my former teacher Prof. Michael Hertzfeld from Harvard University give a talk on one of his ethnographic films (Roman Restaurant Rhythms, also fortunately a food-related ethnographic film) at the Harvard Shanghai Center at Lujiazui.

2014-China_016-LucyOn the second day, we visited the old Chinese city area (Yu Yuan Gardens), and toured the City God Temple. In the picture, you see Lucy scaring the local children; actually, the little girl was fine when Lucy first said hello, and only got bashful when Lucy tried to take a picture with her!