Spam in Hawaii

This past week our class briefly brought up Spam, the famous precooked slabs of meat. Despite Spam’s popularity years ago, it has seen a decrease in widespread use. In fact, when our class was prompted with the question of who had tried Spam, only a handful of students raised their hands confirming that they had ever had. As Barnes wrote, this is a direct result of society’s changing food habits relying more on a change of taste than on economic factors.

There is one place, however, where the demand for Spam is still high: Hawaii. When I had the pleasure to visit Hawaii a few summers ago, I was shocked by how much Spam I saw on the shelves in stores. Some kids that I met who went to school in Hawaii ate so much Spam that they actually thought that it was a product that could not be found anywhere other than Hawaiian the islands. This pushes me to wonder why Spam’s presence has persisted throughout the years in Hawaii, yet has largely disappeared on the mainland. Why is Spam only popular with this small percentage of the United States’ population? What has been different about their case? It questions like these that make me excited to investigate the issue further

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