SNAP Cut Backs

In January 2014, the House of Representatives endorsed the New Farm Bill. Amongst many other amendments, this new bill, which was also signed by President Obama, calls for fundamental changes in both nutritional and farming programs. One of the more drastic changes implemented by the signing of this new bill calls for funding cuts in the food  stamps program. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is now expecting funding cuts of up to 8 billion dollars, which means about 850,000 households will now be short $90 per month in food benefits. The thinking behind this new program is still not clear. Many speculate that by cutting funding for food stamps, it will boost economic growth. But clearly such drastic  and abrupt changes will only have negative affects on the people who were participants of this program. Many families depend on the SNAP program as a source of food and by taking this service away, they will have to starve or make daily choices about if they can afford to eat. This new bill also affects other anti- hunger groups such as POTS a local food pantry which offers subsidized foods for those with lower incomes. Because of the cuts in food stamps the demand for food at their pantries will increase causing them to have to buy cheaper foods with lower nutritional value.