Reality shows: Good or bad for the food industry?

In recent years the popularity of food tv shows has increased dramatically. It seems like there is always a new food reality show produced and people can’t get enough of this tv craze. Many  have become inspired to bake and cook foods that involve more elaborate preparation than just popping a pre-made dinner in the microwave. Americans have expressed a greater appreciation for a variety of different foods and recent college admissions have shown a higher number of students enrolled in culinary schools across the country.

Top Chef

However, the exposure to these shows has lead people to believe that cooking and baking is a lot easier than it actually is. Some people may be discouraged upon trying to become a chef  because the work involved is a lot more complex and demanding than what is portrayed on tv. Although this conflict does arise, the increased attention to food, and creation of reality tv shows regarding it, has a positive effect on the industry as well as better educating people on numerous recipes and food types.

Cupcake Wars