My Abroad Fling.

2014-05-22 07.48.26Spending a month abroad, it is only appropriate to find an abroad fling. Yes, an foreign lover. Someone I can spend long afternoons with walking the streets or snuggled up with watching a movie. My summer fling: baozi. Lets just say it’s more then a fling. Baozi is a steamed bun made by street vendors all over Shanghai. In America, street food generally doesn’t subsist as a quality meal. Yet in Shanghai, street vendors provide delicious delicacies for inexpensive prices. Yet, baozi stands apart from all street food. 

As you take your first bite, your mouth quickly becomes overwhelmed by the sweet warm dough. On about your second or third bite your mouth explodes with flavor as you taste the meat and soup encompassed by the bun. You realize the baozi is quickly coming to an end when the soup starts to leak onto your hands. Although the baozi experience can be fleeting, a baozi is less then one American dollar. So every time I take a trip to the baozi vendor, I stack up. I buy a few extra to put in my purse, because you never know when you might need an emergency baozi.