Icon Descriptions

Icons are used throughout our mobile app to highlight environmental, social, and nutritional practices.


Green icons highlight practices that promote environmental sustainability.


An ingredient in this dish is in season. Using seasonal ingredients reduces the need to source non-locally, which can come from places up to thousands of miles away.


This restaurant composts food scraps instead of sending them to landfills. This process supports nutrient cycling and reduces food waste.

Made From Scratch

This restaurant prepares meals from scratch. This approach to food preparation increases the restaurant’s menu flexibility and requires adaptive culinary skills.

Energy Star

This restaurant uses Energy Star appliances to reduce energy consumption.

Local Food

This restaurant provides food options from local farms that are within 250 miles. Local sourcing builds relationships between farmers, restaurant owners, and customers, which creates a sense of community and promotes the local economy.

Local Beverages

Sources alcoholic beverages from local breweries and wineries. This builds relationships between producers, restaurant owners, and customers, which creates a sense of community and supports the local economy.


This restaurant recycles appropriate materials, such as cardboard, plastics, glass or certain metals. Promoting closed loop recycling saves raw materials for future generations.


Blue icons highlight practices that promote social sustainability.


This restaurant offers catering services, which increases the availability of prepared food to places that may not previously have had access to such food.

Employees Volunteer

This restaurant promotes volunteering opportunities to its employees, such as helping run charity events, working at a soup kitchen, or helping at a local farm.

Charity Donation

This restaurant contributes monetary donations to charities, churches, or food banks, which provides valuable resources to organizations serving underprivileged communities.

Allergen Info Available

This restaurant’s staff members are educated on common allergens, and this information is available upon request.

Donates Food to Charity

This restaurant frequently donates prepared food to charities, churches, or food banks. These donations increase availability of healthy and fresh food to those who otherwise would not have access to such food.

STARS Labels


STARS Certification


STARS Certification

Ecologically Sound

STARS Certification


The nutritional icons were created in collaboration with Davidson College’s registered Dietician and are currently applied to Davidson’s Vail Commons dining hall food. These icons are meant to help guide consumers on how to build a healthy plate when faced with numerous options.
A balanced meal should contain all 4 icons seen below.

Carb Energy

This food item is a good source of carb energy. Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred source of fuel and provide important B vitamins and fiber.

Power Protein

This food item is a good source of protein. Proteins are the building blocks of most body tissues and carry out metabolic properties, such as transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Nutrient Rich

This food item is rich in nutrients such as essential vitamins and minerals. Nutrient rich foods are important for immune system health, energy metabolism and disease prevention.

Healthy Fat

This food item is a good source of healthy fat. Healthy fats add flavor and satiety to food, are heart healthy, prevent inflammation, aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and provide energy.