Lab Meat

A recent article on CNN, talked about how the food industry is starting to become the new land of technology.  Technology has vastly improved the medical and financial field, but food is still reliant on plants and animals.  This article talks about food that is made in lab test tubes.  The food is generated by taking cells from certain plants or animals, then using heating and cooling methods to change the structure of the cell and grow it into something else.  The example the article gave was that of cells from soy and peas being reassembled into meat tissue.  It isn’t really meat, but it tastes like meat, while having the content of soy and peas.  This idea is unique and has plenty of upsides: less of a greenhouse gas effect from livestock, growing may help with world hunger, and animals are not killed for their meat (in case that bothered you).  While the upsides do seem to be great, according to a survey in the article, 80% of Americans do not want meat grown in a tube.

I for one think it is an interesting idea.  On one hand, the future of food needs to be entwined with technology in order to continue advancing our production and quality.  It also makes the food in the Jetsons seem more realistic.  However, how safe would this food be? Would it give the same amount of nutrients as normally grown food? How expensive would it be?  How can we even think about this type of future when GMOs are still being heavily debated after 20 years?  There are plenty of upsides to this type of technology, but whether or not it would actually be beneficial remains to be seen.