FDA Follows Congress’ Motto

Well with a title like that it seems like I am very against how Congress gets things done.  Well, that is true.  Many Congressmen say they work for their people, however, it usually seems that they are working for the businesses that supported them.  They often pass laws that allow corporations that gave them financial support to call the shots, rather than trying to do what is right or what should be done.  As pointed out in a recent article by the Chicago Reader, the FDA has decided to support large businesses with a wealth of money.  The FDA is trying to ban recycling grains from local beer plants to local farmers.  This recycling has been going on for many years, without any side effects.  Yet the FDA is saying that the grains must be purified before being sent to the farms in order to ensure the animals are ok.  They, as the article states, seem to ignore the hormones that are pumped into animals at large farms, which make the animals unhealthy.  But, if a small farm that relies on these recycled grains, or small brewery that also relies on the money gained from recycled grains, is to have any advantage over a large farm the FDA will ensure that gets squashed.  Only large corporations can afford to purify the grains, despite the fact that they are already baked at well over 100 degrees in the breweries.  It seems to me that the FDA is likely being told what to do by larger corporations, but nobody can exactly prove that claim.  It seems to make little sense to ban something that has been working perfectly fine for many years, without any negative effects, but that is politics for you.

Source:  http://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2014/03/31/support-sustainability-in-beermaking-and-other-food-news