Do Us A Flavor

When it comes to food, I will try almost anything. I like experiencing new foods, however I don’t feel the need to steal the tastes of one food and place it with another. This is why Lay’s “Do Us a Flavor” campaign seems utterly bizarre to me. Lay’s is accepting ANY potato chip flavor idea for their next big flavor. The winner has a chance to win $1 million and Lay’s promises they can produce any flavor imaginable.

Sour Cream and Onion, BarBQ, Salt and Vinegar…these are all flavors that makes sense. These are flavors that enhance a potato chip’s flavor and doesn’t pretend to be something else entirely. However, this new campaign advocates ice cream flavored chips, hamburger flavored chips, and my favorite: meatloaf flavored chips. Why would we want ice cream flavored potato chips when we could have real ice cream? It’s a neat idea and I’m driven by curiosity to try these odd flavors of potato chips, but really we’re just processing something that’s already very processed. Taking a potato, processing it into a chip, then further processing it with chemicals to make it taste like meatloaf can’t be good for us. Maybe Lay’s should do us a flavor and not feed us junk.