Dining for the Super Bowl

Food is a major part of football culture especially during the Super Bowl.  Hot dogs, finger foods, packaged and processed goods, and beer all are major parts of stadium culture during football season.  When it comes time for the Super Bowl, the majority of football fans do not attend the big game, but rather watch the game at home or at a party.  Bags, trays, or bowls of our favorite “junk” foods are presented before us as we sit down to watch the game.  At the party I attended this past sunday, chips, queso, tacos, cookies, and pizza filled the bowls and plates that were presented before us as snack items as we watched football, an onslaught of highly anticipated and pricey advertisements, and the ever anticipated halftime performance.

Food defines the atmosphere surrounding the most anticipated football game of the year, and the commercials that promote during the game define our perceptions of the brands of food that we choose to eat.  These ads attempt to grab the attention of the viewers in order to gain notoriety and hopefully increase profits.  These ads hold nothing back.  Budweiser even throws a cute puppy in their game day ad in order to gain over 39 million views on youtube.