Canned Food Capitalism

Like any other industrial innovation, canned food, which developed in Europe, became a pillar of American culture. As many industrial processes focused on specialization, i.e. steel and auto, canning food was something that easily could be adapted to this process. As canned food became more popular in America, it became a part of Americana. The efficiency of this processes in America combined with the ability to brand helped cement the canned food industry in every American’ s life. This is best exemplified in the paintings of Andy Warhol.



It seems now though, that canned food posses a negative connotation. Because it is created by a centralized process, it doesn’t have the feeling or association of being natural, or wholesome, which is ¬†the new movement in food. Rather canned food which has such a long life that it can be consumed over, arouses many suspicions because natural food should expire very quickly. I wonder if canned food will be able to create a product or brand that conveys an organic message.