Cali Roll Please

I have always considered sushi a foreign and mysterious delicacy that only people wealthier than me could eat. Only within the past couple of years did I finally change my opinion. I think that there is a common misconception around sushi only containing raw fish, which is one of the reasons why I veered away from it. However Americans (as we always do) have found a way to change this foreign cuisine into something more Westernized.


My first sushi roll was a California roll, and I feel in love with it immediately. At that point, I decided that I liked sushi; it was something that I really enjoyed eating, and I reflected on why I had not tried it sooner. As I mentioned earlier, sushi for me was considered for lack of a better term “bougie” and something that I should not waste my money on. This gets back to our class discussion on food being a signifier for socioeconomic standing. Growing up, foods like sushi and lobster were always associated with people of higher classes. I think over the years though, sushi has become a lot cheaper because of a growing market of consumers and because the ingredients have become a lot less expensive. Sushi has now become more of a staple for the middle class.