#HeGotMoney Pop Culture and Food Consumption

This past week there has been a whole lot of hullabullo about this vine video “He Got Money” “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbFpXRzvxpg.”

While I literally cried watching it…I started to think about true it really is. Whenever we go through a drive-thru and one of my friends’ orders from the real menu, we laugh and remark about them spending the big bucks on a full meal.

But what occurred to me, being in this class, is that this moment reflects the relationship between class, consumption, advertisement, and affordability. Specifically the moment when the man asks for a “large,” I thought there’s an interesting twist: We “strive” to purchase full meals even though portion wise and money wise, the smaller versions are better for us. You become elite once your hit that full meal portion though.

So then I wonder, from the beginning until the end, has our consumption of always been just one large case of affluenza? Keeping up with the pallets of the Joneses, we eat because we can and we buy therefore we are. Well here we are stuck in the cycle: overloaded, over-processed, and still wanting more.