Student Groups

Davidson Animal Welfare Group

The Davidson Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) is a group of animal lovers on campus dedicated to helping animals and raising awareness of animal cruelty and exploitation. We promote vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, which are more environmentally sustainable.

In the past we have done vegan food give-aways, created bird feeders from recycled materials, organized animal themed trivia at Summit Outpost with Pre-Vet and Union Board with money going towards the Cornelius Animal Shelter, and held screenings of Cowspiracy and Blackfish, and always have information on how students can help animals.

This year, we are hoping to work with dining services to provide more vegan and vegetarian options, partner with the EAC to help students visualize how much water goes into making different meals at Commons, and will have more free food giveaways. We are also hosting another screening of Cowspiracy, a documentary that explores the shocking link between animal agriculture and climate change.

Bridget Lavender