Davidson College is a liberal arts college in Davidson, North Carolina. This website is meant to illustrate some of the stories, information and issues related to food and sustainability on campus and in the surrounding community. It is part of a larger food and sustainability initiative out of the Davidson College Office of Sustainability, the goal of which is to create a digital environment that informs and enlightens. The project is funded by The Duke Endowment.

This project is a two-year initiative that will produce interactive graphics, multimedia narratives, databases and discussion spaces. It will start by examining the Davidson College food system, as shown on this site, and it will grow to include issues related to local, state, national and global food systems.

For now, you’ll find stories on the campus’ food system that were captured and recorded by University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill graduates Allison Russell, Neil Tolley, and Whitney Isenhower. You’ll also find student work from classes taught by Davidson College professor Dr. Tim Chartier. The content and interactivity of this webs space will continue to grow over the course of the two-year initiative.

We invite you to listen to our stories and let us know what you think.

Eat well!