What You Eat Shapes How You Look

In class we talked about how where you are shapes what you eat and that what you eat shapes how you look.  This isn’t how you look in the superficial sense, but the in the sense that you look wealthy or not.  I never thought about it before but the evidence is very clear.  Most places with obesity are areas living in poverty.  These people do not necessarily know about healthy foods because maybe they were raised to eat unhealthy foods, maybe they do not know how to prepare healthy foods (I saw a video where a low income  mother continually cooked fried chicken and fried vegetables for her daughter because she didn’t know how to make healthy meals), or maybe they don’t have access to healthy and affordable foods.  Just by someone’s diet you can tell where they lived, their health habits, they family, income, and so much more.  Knowing so much about someone based purely off of what is on their plate is something that blows my mind.

Obesity vs Poverty in 2006