What you don’t know about food can hurt you.

While this old adage can be applied to countless situations, does it really mean anything for the current debates regarding food? It is well known that our nation’s industrialization of the food industry has altered our relationship with food, removing many from the typical agricultural lifestyles of their ancestors who were able to sustain themselves without going to a grocery store to purchase a mass-produced meet from an overfeed and overly medicated animal. ¬†Recently I came across a podcast form Majora Carter’s website entitled “What’s the closet you’ve gotten to your food?” Unfortunately, I have not gotten very close to the majority of my food, except for a watermelon I helped my grandfather grow one summer.

I know that I am not alone in having little to no experience with learning specifically from where our food comes, yet it doesn’t seem like many people are concerned with the industrial processes of these companies. Informational regarding the source of our food is available, but often requires a little bit of motivation on the part consumer. What, if anything, should be done to help me make the connection between the industrial food supply chain? watermelon