Water Levels Impacting Grocery Costs

Droughts are a common occurrence in farming.  The south recently experiencing a harsh drought where the local governments had to limit how often people could water their gardens due to the water shortage.  Right now, California is facing a drought that will impact grocery food stores all around the US.  Many of the nations crops come from California as it provides a year round climate that can grow produce. Apparently, the federal government has an allowance for how much water the farmers are allowed to receive.  Unfortunately, due to the drought the water levels are not high enough for the farmers to receive any help and therefore are not receiving any help.  This lack of water will cause the supply of produce that is available to be more expensive to consumers.  The article states that the impact will not be felt for some months and that by the end of the year costs may increase by as much as 15%.  Water is the world’s most abundant resource, yet we cannot use most of it due to the salt content.  Because of this, we are dependent on rainfall and that can change every season.  If there were to be a concerted effort on making a cheap and portable way to change sea water into usable water then we might not have to worry about these fluctuations in rainfall.  However, humans tend to exhaust resources before moving onto the next, which would be scary to think of what we would do to our planet if we found a way to harvest the ocean’s water.