Tenders: Quality Chicken Fast

Tenders tenders 2restaurant is a Davidson classic that students seek out in search of the perfect hangover cure and parents visit for the perfect afternoon lunch with the kids. The menu is simple and plain, and the food is served quickly , but that doesn’t mean there is a loss of flavor. The company runs on the tenet of fresh food fast. They only use free range, hormone free chicken that is never frozen and never cooked beforehand.¬†They run under the People Dedicated to Quality brand, a chain of restaurants that have begun to spread over North Carolina and Florida focused on providing healthy fast food.

With my recent understanding of the quality of meat that is often served at fast food restaurants, it is truly comforting to know that one of my favorite restaurants is at least attempting to provide healthier food. In comparison to chains like McDonalds and KFC they are providing their costumers with a much more nutritious option for fast food.

However, it is also unnerving to look further in to the standards behind the meat they are using. True, they do only buy free range chicken, but under USDA regulations this term only means that poultry have been allowed some access to the outdoors. For animals raised for their meat there are no requirements about the amount of time spent outdoors.