superBOWL of Doritos

One of the most important times of the year for commercial advertisement is the super bowl. Hundreds of companies compete with one another for air time and those who dish out the big bucks come out on top with the longest time and frequency. The hype of these commercials is huge and many look forward to these advertisements as much as the game itself.


Food and beverages dominate the super bowl commercial world. Doritos and Budweiser are among the most popular choices for best commercial and always come out with original, random, and usually funny concepts. Every year I personally look forward to the Doritos commercials because they are the most comedic and really do not make much sense at all. By creating memorable advertisements consumers are more likely to want to purchase these items because they associate their positive viewing experience with the food presented. Utilizing this advertisement technique helps many companies increase their revenue and popularity while also dissuading the viewer from switching channels during commercial breaks.