Student Farmers: Genevieve Rowe

For the next few weeks I will be interviewing the work study students on the farm. In addition to their schoolwork, they grow the food that feeds their peers in Commons, the Union, and the Wildcat Den.


Name: Genevieve Rowe

Class: 2017

Hometown: Sarasota Florida

Major: probably anthropology


Why did you initially express interest in the farm?

I was placed there by the financial aid office due to my interests in food and the outdoors but when I got there I realized it was a wonderful learning opportunity and even though it’s not something I would have picked to do on my own it’s something I really enjoy now.


What do you love about the farm?

It’s a refreshing and humbling experience to understand where your food comes from and the work it takes to produce it. It’s also a great opportunity to get outside every week. Also my work at the farm is time set aside every week when I’m forced to not think about school, which I really enjoy.


What is one thing you want the Davidson student body to know about our farm?

Organic food production is a lot more labor intensive and takes more work, care, and perseverance than one would otherwise assume.


What is your favorite crop that we grow at the farm? Why?

Green beans because they’re my spirit vegetable. It’s not just that they’re delicious, when I’m out there picking them – they’re definitely my spirit vegetable.


In what ways do you think you’ll carry your experience of working on the farm forward with you after graduation and into other jobs?

I’ve realized that I definitely want to grow my own fresh food for the rest of my life. I’ve also learned patience and perseverance, which are applicable to everything I do.