Sow Much Good In The Future

If you are a part of the Davidson College community, it’s like that you’ve heard of Sow Much Good, a non-profit based in Charlotte that is working to end food deserts. By providing affordable organic and locally grown produce, this Robin Emmons and her dedicated team and working to address this important environmental justice issue.  With one farm in Huntersville and another in Charlotte, this operation continues to expand and make a difference as it evident in the various awards and recognition Sow Much Good has received. SMG-urban-farm-vegggie-stand While all the work it has done is great, how sustainable are these efforts? Sow Much Good is only one organization working to shift the culture of an entire community. Despite all of their progress, is there anything that they could be doing differently? How do you take a successful local project and transform it to something nationwide? Or does Sow Much Good simply exemplify how change has to come from within a community, and not be imposed from the outside?  As the organization continues to grow, I think it will be interesting to see what its bright future looks like.