Pinterest/Instagram: Personal Food Advertising

In class we discussed the enormous significance of the brand,  an identifying name or logo that represents a company and its products. Since the consumer is removed from the production cycle, producers heavily rely on the retailing and marketing of their brand and products (Goody 1982: 85). For the brand to be financially successful, the company must effectively advertise its products on a local or national scale. The standard advertisements of food products has been

engrained into our consciousness: picture any fast food commercial framing a succulent burger/fries/deliciously unhealthy item; cue attractive actor biting into it and expressing a look of pure enjoyment.

The rise of social media and individualized personal expression via the web has led to a new phenomena: the personal advertising of one’s own food. We have been bombarded with commercials of brands and food adds, which has generated an understanding of how food must be presented in order to be considered appetizing. And face it, we as college students are really proud of ourselves when we produce a meal that is aesthetically appealing. Or, if we go to a restaurant and order something delicious and nice to look at, we want to share it with the world. We do this by uploading a picture of the meal on Pinterest or Instagram (artsy filter necessary). 



By doing this, we are effectively projecting, or “advertising,” our eating habits…. but only when they look nice.