Orange you gonna eat your veggies?



Vegetables are bred for desirable characteristics including shape and color. Johnathan Mein represented Monsanto in his discussion titled “Vegetable Innovation for Consumer Appeal: Providing Consumers with New, Nutritious Vegetable Options.” Part of his argument was that people want food to look a certain way in order to eat and purchase certain goods. In order to provide vegetable options that appeal to consumers, breeding is performed. I learned that orange was the more natural color for grape tomatoes, but people are not interested in buying them this color.

Orange is also a less frequent color for bell peppers. The lack of knowledge the general public has about the colors of vegetables contributes to the preferences. If people knew what colors were appropriate and “natural” (without breeding) would it have an effect on the purchase of these foods? What are some of the downfalls of breeding for desirable characteristics?bellpepper

Monsanto as a global company the products and aims of the company are broad. Mein did not discuss the genetically modified foods, but focused on the breeding process for desirable traits. In doing this he was able to avoid the most controversial aspects of the company.