No More Maple Syrup


Can you imagine, no more Maple Syrup—-real maple Syrup? Well, our food is disappearing.

We talk about sustainability in relation to the Triple Bottom Line: people, profit, and planet. While we think about what we eat and it’s effect on planet, biodiversity, and soil, are we paying attention to how climate change affects out food sources. The relationship between people and planet clearly matters but what else do we need to change so that food remains on the planet.

I came across an article or visual article “6 Foods That Are Going Extinct Because of Climate Change” by Steve Holt that highlighted this concern. He noted that shifts in temperature and rainfall patterns could have a devastating impact on our diets. We’re losing our natural foods because our actions affect their habitats. Our actions matter not only in the treatment practices of animals, the natural spaces we reside in matter. It’s all connected and affected.


The article highlights Danielle Nierenberg, who suggests that we may need to look harder at oft-forgotten indigenous vegetables. Like Fuji suggested last class, people have forgotten how to cook with certain things but maybe these forgotten ingredients can resurrect our environmental knowledge and plant biodiversity.