Navigating Food Label Trickery

After learning about inhumane methodology of factory farm meat production, I doubt there are many people who wouldn’t reevaluate their consumption and food shopping habits. However, how does one actually know if the food they’re eating is actually void of these processes? With terminology such as “organic,” “local,” and “natural,” its hard to navigate what’s what. According to the USDA, the term “natural” is used for products that simply do not have any artificial additives, but does not specify how animals are raised while the term “local” has no legal standard. The term “organic” is the only word that signifies certification of a certain food standard. The USDA organic standards include specified legal definitions, regulations, and third-party audits. Overall, it is easy for consumers to be swayed to buy a certain product because it is advertised as local or all-natural by large companies. If more consumers are to make more sustainable decisions and decrease the popularity of factory farm food production, more information needs to be provided to consumers in order for the right decisions to be made.