Mobile App Musing

The first day of the immerse session was tiring yet rewarding. We worked at the Davidson College Farm before noon and then interviewed the owner of Harvest Moon Grille, a restaurant that uses only local food sources.

I helped weed a field and then over a field with newspaper and hay to prevent pests and weeds. Both works, especially the former, was strenuous. The entire process reminded me of how hard it can be to plant vegetables organically, not spraying any pesticides or herbicides on the food.

The talk with the shop owner is inspiring. Her passions about bringing local food to the table impressed me a lot. Though she is optimistic about finding local food to meet the need of her menu, she mentioned to us about certain difficulties the local farmers are facing, the biggest one being the fact that they can not find their client efficiently enough so that there ended up to be a lot of food waste. This makes me think whether our food app can be related to information exchange between the consumer and the producer. One thing that surprised me is the attitude towards organic food. The shop owner said that “organic” is among the last thing she would consider. Her reason was that the criterion of “organic” can be different from state to state, and country to country, so that she would rather believe a local farmer that use certain types of chemicals but she knows well about. I think the trade-off between “local” and “organic” could be an interesting topic to explore.