Growing up,  I distictly remember repeatedly begging my mother for a birthday party at McDonalds.  I didn’t particularly enjoy the taste of chicken mcnuggets or the toys in the Happy Meal or even their french fries for that matter but I simply wanted a party in McDonalds because I was one of the only students in my class left to have one. Even though I never got what I wanted and eventually came to terms with the fact that I was too old,  it turns out that I can still have a age appropriate celebration in good ‘ol Mickey D’s.

In January of 2011 McDonalds added wedding packages including nuptial vows to some of their Hong Kong menus. This  may seem crazy, because it is, but for many Hong Kong couples this is an extremely attractive and increasingly popular option. The cheapest wedding package, “Happiness party”, costs 2,888 HKD (372USD) and includes the venue rental for a two hour period, 20 invitations, gifts for the guests, basic audio equipment as well as decorations and a party MC.  Their most expensive and extensive package, “Love Forever Party”, costs roughly 1,300 USD and  includes everything from the previous package but accommodates a larger crowd. However additional decorations such as Mc’Donalds Romatic Party Backdrop, a Bridal Balloon Bouquet and even a White (or even red) Balloon Wedding gown will cost you extra.







To someone who grew up in America and experienced Mc’D in an strictly urban, once every 3 months, dollar menu sense, this news came as an unfathomable shock to me. As mentioned in the Yan article, Mc’Donalds has different meanings and implications in different countries and context. Having your wedding in McDonalds is just one of those extreme flips in cultural flexibility.

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