Logical Thinking

Today, we began our formal training in app development. Many of us in the group have experience in computer programming, but the range of this experience varied greatly from individual to individual. As we progressed into more in depth material, it was easy to distinguish which members of the group had the strongest computer programming capabilities. Personally, I was in the middle of the pack. Along with having a good understanding of the material, my major in mathematics prepared me well to learn this new skill. Fundamentally speaking, the coding language is highly logical. The better one understands the logical mathematical statements, the more easily they understand the material. Of course, past experience in programming became highly advantageous to some of our group members, including myself. One of the most interesting things that I learned today was sometimes logical statements, especially in computer programming, can be very difficult to understand. This seems ironic since logical tasks should inherently be pretty straightforward. But, as I quickly learned, it takes a certain type of thinking to truly be a proficient programmer. Throughout the day, I gradually found myself transitioning into this new line of thought, and I started to see the numbers and variables in the same way a computer sees them. Computers operate simply and logically, but trying to view the world like a computer was anything but simple. It was a challenge seeing the world in the form of “functions”, and “if/else” statements, but when done successfully, it greatly simplified the world around me.