Information Is Power: What Seafood Watch Is All About

The fundamental underpinning of the Davis Café’s group project is that knowledge is power when it comes to dietary decisions. By providing the consumer with relevant and understandable information about the menu items, we hope that people will better inform their meal choices in the Union. In broad terms, we want to look at all of the ingredients in certain Grill Menu items; as Jeff said to some members of my group, we aren’t just looking at a burger, but rather at the lettuce, buns, patty, and cheese of the burger individually. As we continue to compile data, our final project will manifest as some sort of digital platform.

Recently, Jeff told our group about Seafood Watch, an organization that operates on a similar principle as that of our group. The organization sells pocket guides and mobile apps that give detailed information about seafood, which, as their About page states, “indicate[s] which seafood items are ‘Best Choices,’ ‘Good Alternatives,’ and which ones you should ‘Avoid.'” Their recommendations aim to provide advice about seafood choices that are sustainable and healthy for the oceans. But their recommendations don’t just target the average fish enthusiast; Seafood Watch actively encourages restaurants and distributors to use their recommendations to create sustainable choices.

Fish Farm

Fish Farm

I decided to download the app and was amazed at it’s sophistication. I looked up Rockfish, a favorite of mine; here is a screenshot of the page: