Information availability for our food

While researching the foods that the Davis Café provides for the students here, I was shocked at the lack of available information about food. While general nutrient information is readily available for almost any type of food, other information is nearly impossible to find, such as the carbon footprint, energy consumption, water usage, and toxic pollutants used in production of the food. This information is arguably more important to the consumer and if it were readily available, the simple existence of it would have a huge impact on society. Many argue that people do not care enough about the environmental cost of their choices to change their eating habits but I feel that this is not true. While the our choices of food have less of a direct impact on us than on society as a whole, it is undeniable that if we saw information quantifying our food’s environmental impact, we would make better choices. I understand that many large firms like Tyson meats are reluctant to publish free, accessible information about their products sustainability, I believe that doing so would help reduce our negative effects on society as well as the environment. Why shouldn’t the government require this some of this information to be published just like it is for nutrition information?