Green Movie Production: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Allison notes that ideas of culture and conventions can be constructed and perpetuated through the state, specifically through two means; the State Apparatus and the Ideological State Apparatus. The Ideological State Apparatus includes institutions such as education and media. An example of media constructing a positive convention might be Sony Pictures decision to make the production of one of its new blockbusters as ecofriendly as possible. Sony Pictures has decided to go ecofriendly for the production of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They claim that the movie is the most sustainable and ecofriendly production in the history of the studio. They hired an eco-manager to help find ways to recycle and reuse materials from the set. Members of the set production cut down on plastic water bottle use, walls were reused over the set, the snow and the combustion liquids they used for explosions were biodegradable, and costume and mask materials were reused and recycled. Even within the movie recycling billboards and posters about sustainable lifestyle were used and the sets of Oscorp’s offices were fitted with recycle stations. Overall they donated over 49 tons of materials that they recovered and donated, such as steel, wood, and glass.


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