Google Green: A Corporate Sustainability Revolution

Google Green. The next corporate leader in sustainability. Google prides itself on innovation and being a market leader across a variety of spaces, moving beyond its role as a search engine into the spaces of emailing, shopping, translating, mapping specialities, and most recently, corporate responsibility.

The “Local versus organic: A turn in consumer preferences and willingness-to-pay” article by Adams and Salois sparked my interested to learn more about Google’s Café 150, which prides itself on having all its food be resourced within a 150 mile radius. Google provides its employees free food whilst maintaining strong foundations in sustainability and local food providers. Google’s Café 150 has strong partnerships with their suppliers, and takes a hands on approach to understanding their local farmers needs, with specific emphasis on promoting organic farming. The food establishments at Google also take sustainable approaches in reducing waste through optimizing consumer preferences to reduce overconsumption, using permanent dishes, composting, and donating surplus food.

Google’s sustainability efforts have also transcended into other aspects of its business. For example, Google now boasts a green commenting system, featuring biodisel shuttles, electric corporate car sharing program, and electric vehicle charging stations (in fact, it’s the largest corporate one in the country!). Google continues to be a leader for profitability and is now a model for corporate sustainability, especially in regard to food.