Generating Ideas for Mobile App

We spent the whole day at the farms of a local non-profit organization that aims to provide low-priced organic food for the community members that might not be able to get access to fresh vegetables. Most of the time I was weeding, which is a very tiresome work. Luckily the weather in the morning is cool and cloudy. I also helped harvesting and watering vegetables. In talking with the farm manager, we get to know about several challenges the organization is facing, including the lack of consistent volunteer, the limit of the amount of acres the organization has to fully meet the local community needs. We also talked about if knowing the need of the consumers can help the organization and the response from the manager was positive.

Today’s talk gave us a lot of ideas about our app. I am really interesting in making a platform that allows farms to post their seasonal production choice, shares tips of planting, and posts sign-up sheets of volunteer works, and on the other hand allows buyers to vote on their personal vegetable preference, sign up for volunteer works, and rate/comment on different farmers. It can almost be a farmer Twitter/ Facebook where all the information and useful networks are disseminated. I feel that that is very doable for us.