Forming a Community

The formation of a community is not only beneficial for social reasons, but also for academic purposes. The reasoning being that social interactions increase the spread of knowledge and stimulate thought-provoking conversations. This concept has become very evident after this weeks many interactions with business owners in the local Davidson area, along with our teams brainstorming/debriefing sessions at the end of every workday. It has been incredible to observe the diverse set of ideas, motivations, and beliefs that guide people’s decision-making processes, especially in the food community. These varying factors can be seen in simple things like the menu available at a given restaurant, or in more complex ways like the methods in which these restaurant owners source their ingredients. The missions of these different restaurants varied greatly, and, as a result, led to significantly different business decisions. The same type of thought processes could be observed within our group. While our mission may be the same, which is to produce a mobile app designed to address an issue or topic related to food and sustainability, the ways in which we approached the task at hand were different from person to person. The ideas that we shared with one another during our brainstorming sessions were quite supportive of this observation. What I have seen so far is that the free flow of ideas can produce some incredible results. Because of the open and creative environment that we have established within our mobile app team, I am very excited to see how we can bring these different ideas together to create something special.