Earning Trust

Trust is something that is not given, but must earned.  This is a popular opinion regarding the formation of trust in relationships, and actually plays an important role in what we have been studying, as trust effects the food people choose to order.  People are more likely to buy the food from the farmer or store that they feel they trust the most, but this begs the question of how this trust is earned.  In class we discussed how people tend to trust local food over any others, regardless of what they actually know about the farmer.  I find issue in making assumptions like this about the food that we buy.  While I do support buying local, I think it’s important to know what it is you are buying from these farmers.

This is one issue that my group, the farmers market group, is hoping to address with our project.  We want to give the community the resources they need to understand the food that they are buying at the market.  WhileTrust 2 these farmers must all meet the standards of the market, it is still important for the customers to know why the food at the market is better.  With these resources, this trust will be earned by the farmers rather than just being given by the customers since they are following the fad of local food.