Does Advertising influence our Food Purchases?

Urbanization and the role of the military needs drove food to become homogenized, industrialized, and widely advertised.  The rise of the urban dwelling and the need for quickly and easily prepared foods led to the need for food as an advertised good rather than a necessity for survival.  Advertising food created the the market for industrialized and preprepared food items, catering to the rising urban classes of society.  Public demand for specific food allowed companies to profit off of the brand of their product, creating an incessant need for marketing and advertising to gain public recognition.

Today, how do brands and advertising food products affect our shopping decisions in the grocery store? It is safe to say that indeed we do have brand loyalty due to our tastes and preferences, but the frequency of commercials and ads promoting products also have lasting impressions.  The shift to the grocery store retail of food led to the rise of packaged and manufactured food items to dominate the food industry where brands and goodwill are a testament to individual food choices but also large-scale profits.