City Fishin: Aquaculture Provides Healthy & Sustainable Food Source in Charlotte

Aquaculture refers to the “breeding, rearing, and harvesting of plants and animals in all types of water environments.” It is a growing trend in the world as we begin to realize we have exhausted so many of our food resources.  Moving inland, a fish farm has sprouted up within the city limits of Charlotte that seeks to


 mass produce fish while maintaining the highest levels of nutritional health for the consumers. Astor Farm, developed and run by Rob Ellis, grows tilapia in an environment controlled abandoned DHL warehouse that protects the fish from being exposed to pollutants and recycles 95% of the water used to raise the fish. It has the capacity to produce 400,000 pounds of fish each year of which he sells to chefs and markets in NC and throughout the East Coast. Aquaculture has become a important part of the NC economy, generating over $50 million annually. The concept of the farm is based on the recent push to provide urban dwellers with a connection to healthy, local food that also works to stimulate the local economy.