Generating Ideas for Mobile App

We spent the whole day at the farms of a local non-profit organization that aims to provide low-priced organic food for the community members that might not be able to get access to fresh vegetables. Most of the time I was weeding, which is a very tiresome work. Luckily the weather in the morning is cool and cloudy. I also …

Mobile App Reflection: Farm Needs

I saw a huge need at the farm today that is available to some extinct, but not usable for all farmers, especially small farmers. The Davidson College farm specifically relies on volunteers and donations in order to produce local, healthy food for campus. This can be a management nightmare after a never-ending issue of crop plan changes. Producers must accommodate …

Matt’s First Day at the Farm

First Day at the Farm Today I was able to gain some real life experience and a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes at a small local farm. As a small farm practicing organic farming methods, it is difficult to keep up production high enough to match the conventional producers that are supplying food for the area. …

Student Farmers: Ethan Whitener

Name: Ethan Whitener Class: 2016 Hometown: Lawrence, NJ Major: History Why did you initially express interest in the farm? I worked on the grounds crew originally but I was interested in fresh food so I talked to Theresa and asked her if there was work to be done and she said yes. The rest is history. What do you love …

Theresa Talks (Episode 3)

In Episode 3, Theresa talks weather and crop protection–how has the ice and cold affected the Farm?  Tune in next week to see if Farmer T and the interns can “keep their hats on!”

Theresa Talks (Episode 2)

In this episode, Theresa shares her favorite part about farming and a few other trade secrets!  Enjoy and stay tuned for next week’s Talk!

Theresa Talks (Episode 1)

This is Episode 1 of a weekly conversation with Theresa Allen, the Farm Manager at Davidson College.  Theresa will share her reflections on food, farming, the state of our Farm, the weather, and more!  Enjoy Episode 1 and stay tuned for next week’s conversation!